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The Chamber of Commerce and its members host a Golf Tournament each year at the Tewksbury Country Club.  A portion of event proceeds are reinvested back into the community via scholarships and charitable donations.

Click Here to Access the 2023 Application

Congratulations to the following scholarship recipients:

Bianca DeSisto (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Emersyn Foresyth (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Kylie Lamoureux (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Janelle Penney (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Ava Picculo (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Christina Wentworth (Chamber Business Scholarship)

John Beatrice (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Alyson Broussard (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Kyle Darrigo (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Sean Lydon (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Isabel Manning (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Patrick Xavier (Chamber Business Scholarship)

Sophia Fruciano (Chamber & Beth Israel Lahey Health Scholarship)
Kyle Vallee (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Colby Brown (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Ryan Quinn (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Conor Rooney  (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Payton Fuller  (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)

Mercy Olu (Chamber & Lahey Health Scholarship)
Michael Champoux (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Jenna Wentworth (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Chloe McCauley (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Julia Galvin  (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Jessica Ahern  (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)

Lauren Lamoureux (Chamber & Lahey Health Scholarship)
Jacqueline Champoux (Chamber & Warner Babcock Institute Scholarship)
Jack Sutherland (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Jason Vallee (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Nolan Kane  (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Ashley Rooney  (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)

Kayla McCauley (Chamber & Security Innovation Scholarship)
Julianna Mastrorilli (Chamber & Warner Babcock Institute Scholarship)
Matthew DeAmbrose (Chamber & Hallmark Health)
Robert DuCharme (Chamber & Winchester Hospital, a member of Lahey Health)
Jamie Murray (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)

Amanda Boyle (Chamber & Security Innovation Scholarship)
Kevin Richardson (Chamber & Warner Babcock Institute Scholarship)
Maeve Sullivan (Chamber & Colonial Fireplace)
Brian Cavanaugh (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Joseph Tassone (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Kathryn Blair (James & Antoinette Campbell Scholarship)
Donation to WPD National Night Out

Bethany Kane (Chamber & Security Innovation Scholarship)
Lucas Garrity (Chamber & Warner Babcock Institute Scholarship)
Maryssa Murray (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Caitlin Baranow (James & Antoinette Campbell Scholarship)
Donation to “Sean Collier Memorial Scholarship Fund”

Craig Smith (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Jacob Pumphret (Chamber & Security Innovation Scholarship)
Samantha Depasquale (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
McKayla Hersom (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Danielle Rae (James & Antoinette Campbell Scholarship)

Julia Kathleen Carter (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Jeffrey Favuzza (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Kaitlin Kinsella (Chamber & Security Innovation Scholarship)
Bianca Carlson (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Alyson Downs (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Donation to Town of Wilmington Scholarship Fund
Donation to Rotary Interact Club

Patrick Giroux (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Daniel James Creedon (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Adam Siegel (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Matthew Palermo (Chamber & Security Innovation Scholarship)
Marianna Tassone (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Ryanne Newhouse (Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship)
Donation to Town of Wilmington Scholarship Fund
Donation to TOPS Soccer Program

Emily O’Donoghue (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Cameron Garrant (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Catherine Parrella (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Zachary Sears (Chamber Business Scholarship)
Domingos Neves (Chamber & Security Innovation Scholarship)
Donation to Kelli Agati Murray Scholarship Fund
Donation to Town of Wilmington Scholarship Fund

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