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Buy Local/Member Spotlights

One of our goals at the Wilmington/Tewksbury Chamber of Commerce is to help our members create awareness of the product and services they offer; hopefully resulting in increased sales.  We do this in various ways throughout the year via advertising & marketing opportunities.  We promote the importance of cross-referrals among business members and also champion the message to consumers to “BUY LOCAL”.

We often remind residents that small businesses are the foundation of our community.  They create jobs, build our economy, and support our neighborhoods and youths.  When they shop at a Wilmington/Tewksbury local business, they support all the things that make our communities great.  The money they spend here, stays here, in the place they call home!

Did you know for every $100 spent:  (source:

  • In locally owned businesses, $68 is returned to our community through taxes, payroll, charitable donations and other expenditures.
  • In national “box” chains, $43 is returned to our community.
  • On-line, $0 revenue to our community.

Please consider a BALANCED spending approach, choosing local when available.

The “BUY LOCAL” movement is a circular equation.  Small businesses support our town by donating to numerous community organizations.  A business can only do this if it is thriving.  Businesses will thrive if consumers spend locally.  When you buy local, you invest in your community, in your neighbors, and in yourselves.  Spend here and your money stays here!   The Chamber also reminds its members that they are local consumers too.  We encourage our members, when possible, to shift some business purchases to neighboring businesses.  A little from everyone goes a long way.

The Chamber strongly encourages everyone to join the “Buy Local” movement – preserve, promote, shop  local businesses in Wilmington/Tewksbury and positively contribute to the economic health of our towns.  Spread the word!

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